Can an algorithm be a crime? Just recently, media art combo !Mediengruppe Bitnik had some of their exhibits, which a bot had ordered for them on the illegal Darknet, seized by authorities. Let’s see what they have to show us at re:publica...


Finding Europe: Our creative have been searching for Europe, and on top of crafting us a brilliant CI and web design, they also made a wonderful trailer, to give you a taste of the upcoming #rp15!


We are embarking on a journey, searching for the digital communities in Europe. Look out for our Twitter activities in the next few weeks under the hashtags #FindingEurope and #rp15!


He is an expert in civic media, co-founder of the Global Voices blogger network, has worked in the online world since its beginnings and argues, “It's not too late to build a better web” – Ethan Zuckerman.


Hacking is a personal right, not a weapon! Artist Addie Wagenknecht examines security and control in the digital world.


Making the Invisible Visible – that is British artist James Bridle’s mission.


#FASHIONTECH BERLIN, our new conference in collaboration with PREMIUM and SEEK fashion trade shows, opened on January 20 with 1200 visitors – a great start in the field of fashion, technology and Wearables. But that was just the beginning! 


Remember, there are only a few days left for your submissions: Our Call For Papers ends this Saturday, January 31, 2015!


Anonymous is her field of research – at re:publica 2015, US researcher Gabriella "Biella" Coleman will present some of her insights from the world of the hacker collective.



Russian investigative journalist and intelligence expert Andrei Soldatov uncovers the practices of the Russian secret service.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Science Year 2015. As part of re:publica 2015, we are looking for your visions, utopias, or even very real projects all around cities, sustainability and technology – join our Call for Papers: City of the Future!


Take note: #FASHIONTECH BERLIN is opening its gates on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. This new conference around fashion, technology and Wearables will bring makers, hackers and designers together in Berlin.


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