re:publica 2015

re:publica 2015



Ben McOwen Wilson, Director Content Partnerships and content strategy lead in Europe at YouTube, tells about YouTube’s next strategic endeavours at MEDIA CONVENTION.


Two weeks ago, we asked you to apply for our Finding Europe With Lights project. Thank you so much for the numerous applications we received from all over Europe! Let’s hear what the applicants have to say.


My home is not only my castle, but my glass(le) – as part of our sub-­‐ conference "Future City", Sarah Kember will expose the anachronistic gender stereotypes in advertisements for so-­‐called Smart Homes, in her talk about "Smart Cities, Gender and Privacy". 


re:presenting the #rp15 team! So now we’ve jumped onto the Selfie wagon too, and here’s why: We’d like to introduce the team organizing this year’s re:publica. Meet the people from the "Events", "Communication" and "Program" units in our first part.


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