re:publica 2015

re:publica 2015



re:presenting the #rp15 team! So now we’ve jumped onto the Selfie wagon too, and here’s why: We’d like to introduce the team organizing this year’s re:publica. Meet the people from the "Events", "Communication" and "Program" units in our first part.


She is the “Godmother of Virtual Reality", a pioneer of immersive journalism, and the initiator of the Oculus Rift "Project Syria" – and in May, Nonny de la Peña will share her insights on the future of journalism with us. 


In our new series, we introduce the activities, program and other details of our Global Innovation Gathering sub-conference, GIG. Read all about GIG in the introduction here!


Our special conference track re:health is breaking new ground in healthcare. We are presenting first parts of the program here.


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